19 April, 2009

Walking the labyrinth in a city park

Imagine this:
Some friends decided to meet in a city park, to create and walk the labyrinth...

Sounds impossibly difficult?

Nevertheless, we did it, yes we could!

Our intention was to make a temporary power-place to thank mother nature and all spirit-helpers who nourish us just by being there in a city park.

After the social chat and some coffee early in the morning, we occupied a few square meters, just enough to cast a small circle.
We drew a labyrinth using white flour, put some nice stones & shells in the middle, and voila!

One by one we entered the labyrinth to put our offerings in the center....

For me personally, this whole process felt like making a mandala for meditation and magick.
As soon as the circle was cast and the spirit-helpers were called, the boundary was set.
Drawing the labyrinth together created a spiraling vortex of power.
Entering the labyrinth felt like entering the magickal space of 'between and betwixt the worlds' innerspace and outespace.
Offering some food for the Fair Ones in the middle, I renewed my connection with this land (Netherlands, Amsterdam) and its powers.
Leaving the labryrinth also felt like renewing my commitment to bring my inner inspiration to the outside world, my community.

Afterwards, we passed the horn with mead thrice, saying blessings and oaths.

When all was said, we opened the circle and returned to the daily consciousness.

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Karinmaria said...

What a wonderfull experience... may the energy of the day bless all creatures that life on mother earth, living toghether in harmony

Anne Vis said...

Beautiful! Your intention made it happen! :-)