16 March, 2009

the Palestinian version of Gandhi tactics

Starhawk says:

As I write, my friend Tristan lies hovering between life and death in an Israeli hospital, shot in the head, hit with a tear gas canister at a nonviolent demonstration in the West Bank town of Ni’lin, protesting the wall the Israelis are building to isolate the West Bank.
Why don’t the Palestinians adopt the tactics of Martin Luther King or Gandhi?
And the answer is simply this—they do.
For the last six years, they have mounted an ongoing campaign of civil resistance against Israel’s apartheid wall, which snakes through the West Bank, confiscating Palestinian farmland without compensation, destroying the life and livelihoods of whole villages, literally setting in concrete the fractured geometry of Israel’s incursions, her illegal settlements that eat away the integrity of any potential Palestinian state.
Tristan Shot in the West Bank

How many peaceful protesters have to be hit by the zionist Apartheids troopers?

..Sie erkennen's nichts, haben's nicht acht...(ps. 82)
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Anne Vis said...

I imagine the people who do these things must be so in pain and feel unloved ... so out of touch ... The cruelty is just beyond words ...